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Christa Skinnell

The Why and How of Nine88 Events

I am Christa Skinnell.  I have been an Event Planner all my adult life.  In April 2021, I decided to formalize my passion and experience by attending Emory University and becoming a Certified Event Professional. 

I chose to name my company Nine88 Events to forever commemorate the most memorable event of my life – meeting my husband, Matthew, in September of 1988.  Together my husband and I have celebrated other memorable events:  purchasing a home, having our children, commemorating the milestones of our lives and those of extended family and friends.  Through it all, I have learned what makes a great celebration:  surround yourself with the people in your life who matter and give them a unique and extraordinary experience.

My staff and I consider it pure joy to bring your vision for your event to life by creating a most memorable and exceptional affair.  Contact Nine88 Events today.  We can do for you and your event what we have done for so many others.

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