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August: Arts Abound in Atlanta!

August is hot in the south. Average temperatures for Atlanta, GA during the month of August routinely hit 88 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit with 75% overall humidity. Not a good time to plan a trip to Atlanta, right? Wrong. Atlanta continues to become a great tourist destination city due to a wide variety of attractions such as the Georgia Aquarium, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, the Martin Luther King, Jr Center for Nonviolent Change, the World of Coke, and the Fabulous Fox Theatre, to name a few. But what many visitors may not know is that Atlanta also offers several arts festivals during the month of August such as Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Piedmont Park Arts Summer Arts Festival, Bronzelens Film Festival, and Grant Park Summer Shade Festival. Exact dates and specific information about these events can be found on the Discover Atlanta website.

But what does any of this information have to do with planning your next corporate event? We at Nine88 Events are glad you asked. Planning your corporate event in conjunction with scheduled events taking place in Atlanta during August gives you and your guests the following advantages.


The theme of your corporate event underpins all the other choices you make for your function from decorations, food, table settings, specialized events, promotional gifts, and music. Check out our June blog here! Film and arts festivals give you and your event planner a wealth of choices. Nine88 Events can use specific films or specific artists as the primary motif to create an unforgettable event for you and your guests.


A further reason to consider planning your corporate event in conjunction with Atlanta’s August festivals is the opportunity to schedule additional enrichment experiences for your guests. In other words, think about scheduling your event with blocks of time available for your guests to attend these festivals. Nine88 Events can work with you to create an agenda that maximizes time with your guests and time enjoying seasonal activities in Atlanta.


But don’t forget the permanent attractions Atlanta has to offer. For example, since 2005, one of the biggest draws to the city of Atlanta for tourists has been the Georgia Aquarium. Until 2012, the Georgia Aquarium was the largest in the world. Today, the Georgia Aquarium is still the largest in the United States and the third largest in the world overall. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a 30-acre garden which includes the Kendeda Canopy Walk. The Kendeda Canopy Walk is a 600 feet long skywalk, 40 feet in the air which allows visitors to tour the city’s urban forest. Or remind your guests of the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Opened in December of 1929, the Fox Theatre combines elements of Islamic and Egyptian architecture. Within the 4,665-seat auditorium the ceiling reminds visitors of an Arabian courtyard as the ceiling contains 96 crystal stars which are the backdrop to a projection of clouds that drift across the sky. 

Now consider this. Each of these venues is available for private events! Booking your event on the site of these iconic attractions will give your guests a night to remember. Nine88 Events is ready to work with you to plan a corporate event in an iconic site.

Corporate events need not be self-contained. In fact, your guests will appreciate if you can offer either seasonal — or destination options. Nine88 Events is familiar with the venues and activities of the larger Atlanta metropolitan area. Nine88 Events can plan a stand-alone event or a series of events over several days which optimize a specific time of year and a specific site. Now is the time to contact Nine88 Events to discuss all the options that Atlanta has to offer.

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I am an experienced professional who has worked in the events industry for over 10 years. I have built and grown Nine88 Events into a successful company. I continually develop and create unique ideas and experiences for our clients by staying abreast of current trends in the event industry and developing strong relationships with industry leaders. My goal is to help my clients achieve their goals by effectively planning and executing their events. I work closely with them to ensure they receive the best value for their investment. I believe in creating memorable experiences for our clients and their guests.

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