Go Green!

Sustainability is the word of the decade.  And as March is the month of green – now’s a good time to think about how to make your strategic marketing events “green.”  Sustainable choices are much more accessible than they used to be, so as you consider the suggestions below, you will not only be choosing […]

Party Like It’s 1929

M’lady, you look splendid in your sequins and lace; and you, M’lord, in your white tie and tails. Come join us in the formal dining room, for Mrs. Patmore’s sumptuous 5-course feast. For you have been invited to ‘Dinner at Downton.’  For the Downton Abbey-themed private party recently staged by Nine88 Events, ten guests found […]

It’s not just for call centers

Outsourcing (“to obtain goods or services from an outside supplier in place of an internal source) has become the dirty word of business.  The public believes that U.S. businesses are continually moving lucrative jobs to foreign locations to save money and avoid tax liabilities.  Honestly, for some companies, that idea may be true.  However, outsourcing […]

What will 2023 look like?

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Unbelievably, 2022 is winding down. Hopefully, your end of the year events are planned and ready for execution (don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven’t planned December events, it is probably too late), and now it’s time to think about 2023. We at Nine88 Events challenge you to see […]

Plan an event within an event!

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According to various historical documents, the first “Trade Show” was The Great Exhibition of May 1, 1851, held at Hyde Park in Central London. The idea at the time was to display the best products in the world for all to see. In the nearly 170 years since, rather than ALL the best products in […]

Let’s get together

In 1961, the Disney Company released the movie The Parent Trap. The story revolves around a pair of identical twins separated at birth. Mother raises one girl, and Father raises the other. Meeting each other at summer camp, they discover their history and resolve to “trap” their parents into reconciliation. Madcap fun and shenanigans ensue […]

Let’s talk about money!

A tried-and-true bromide is that you have to spend money to make money.  Businesses large and small understand that cash re-investments fuel future growth.  With the advent of the internet and social media, marketing budgets have had to increase to allow businesses to participate on the most significant platforms in order to connect with potential […]

Plan your end-of-the-year event!

It’s officially Fall.  Within weeks, it’s Halloween, and then the rush to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.  You’ve got your own family and personal gatherings to plan, but in the back of your mind, you’re worried.  There’s something you’re missing.  What is it you’re supposed to be doing?  Client, customer, employee appreciation — […]

Wanna Be a Millionaire? 


HIRE A STRATEGIC MARKETING EVENT PLANNER!  For 128 years, the first Monday in September has been designated as a Federal Holiday to celebrate and recognize the contributions of the American worker to the larger economy.  As you make your Labor Day Plans for a last summer getaway or family barbeque, it may be a good […]

Parties to beat or bring the heat!

Hot, hot, and more hot. August temperatures are on the rise all over the country but especiallyin the south. Many cities will see temperatures in the triple digits for days on end. The bestremedy is to stay in, stay cool, and stay still, right? Of course not! The best remedy for the heatis to gather […]