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What will 2023 look like?

Unbelievably, 2022 is winding down. Hopefully, your end of the year events are planned and ready for execution (don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven’t planned December events, it is probably too late), and now it’s time to think about 2023. We at Nine88 Events challenge you to see your functions for clients and customers as more than just a lovely party with gift bags. Using social occasions scheduled outside of the office and outside of normal working hours are important additions to your marketing budget, as they are primarily ABOUT marketing. In other words, a well-timed, well-executed event places your brand in front of clients and customers, rewards them for their business and loyalty, and provides an opportunity for expanded networking which can lead to more, well, clients and customers! So, don’t ignore this most important part of your overall strategic marketing budget. Here are key aspects to consider as you look at the year ahead.


Before we head into 2023, we need to spend a moment in 2022. Consider:

  • What events did you execute this past year?
  • How many events did you host?
  • What was the attendance?
  • Did some events experience better attendance than others? To what do you attribute this fact?
  • Do you need to add or subtract events in consideration of other options?
  • Were events strategically scheduled throughout the year?

Events cost money and depending on the size of your organization and overall resources, events may be one of the largest marketing costs you incur. You want to be sure that you are getting value for your dollars. The strategy is in the name – strategic marketing – so be strategic. Be willing to adapt your 2023 plan to streamline costs and maximize payoff.


This is THE most important aspect of planning your strategic marketing event calendar. RESERVE YOUR EVENT SPACE NOW! The best dates and the best spaces WILL fill up quickly. Most venues only require a nominal reservation fee and offer reasonable cancellation policies. In a pinch, all the other aspects of an event can be pulled together with a few weeks or even days. But if your desired space is not available, this is a hurdle that you simply may not be able to overcome.


We at Nine88 Events recommend that you think in terms of hosting some type of event at least once a quarter. That does not mean four huge, $100/person dinners with all the trappings. It does not even mean three small events with one huge $100/person dinner. Again, think strategically. What do you want to emphasize in Q1 of 2023 for your clients and customers? Perhaps you want to sponsor a small themed “Welcome 2023” event in which you highlight goals for the coming year. Q2 could be a simple coffee and catch up – a kind of “how are you” and “how are we” doing. Maybe Q3 is hosting some event or events around a shared Trade Exposition show – you know, getting double duty out of attending an event already on your calendar. And lastly, Q4 could be a casual or not so casual cocktail party, depending on how much you want to spend, in which you demonstrate your commitment to continued good relationships with your clients and customers.


No matter what your strategic marketing events looked like in 2022, recommit to adjusting and improving your choices for the upcoming year. Business runs on reputation and personal connection. Your customers and clients want to know that you value their business, and one way to communicate that idea is to carve out time from your own busy schedule and spend a bit of money to let them know their value to your organization.

Nine88 Events understands not just the value of strategic marketing event planning, but how to do it right. Contact us today for a review and consultation about the various kinds of events we can plan for you as you review and recommit to a year of great marketing.

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Christa Skinnell

I am an experienced professional who has worked in the events industry for over 10 years. I have built and grown Nine88 Events into a successful company. I continually develop and create unique ideas and experiences for our clients by staying abreast of current trends in the event industry and developing strong relationships with industry leaders. My goal is to help my clients achieve their goals by effectively planning and executing their events. I work closely with them to ensure they receive the best value for their investment. I believe in creating memorable experiences for our clients and their guests.

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