Wanna Be a Millionaire? 


HIRE A STRATEGIC MARKETING EVENT PLANNER!  For 128 years, the first Monday in September has been designated as a Federal Holiday to celebrate and recognize the contributions of the American worker to the larger economy.  As you make your Labor Day Plans for a last summer getaway or family barbeque, it may be a good […]

Parties to beat or bring the heat!

Hot, hot, and more hot. August temperatures are on the rise all over the country but especiallyin the south. Many cities will see temperatures in the triple digits for days on end. The bestremedy is to stay in, stay cool, and stay still, right? Of course not! The best remedy for the heatis to gather […]

August: Arts Abound in Atlanta!

August: Arts abound in Atlanta!

August is hot in the south. Average temperatures for Atlanta, GA during the month of August routinely hit 88 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit with 75% overall humidity. Not a good time to plan a trip to Atlanta, right? Wrong. Atlanta continues to become a great tourist destination city due to a wide variety of attractions such as the […]

Raise a glass and make a toast!

The moment is here. The event schedule has been moving along, and now it’s show time – the raising of a glass and the toast to the guest of honor. You stand; you lick your lips; you grab your glass in a sweaty handshake; you open your mouth, and nothing. Your eyes scan the room […]

It’s the end of the year, are you ready?


Well, it’s not actually the end of the year. Technically, July 1 marks the halfway point through the year. But for those who want to plan end of the year events – client appreciation, employee appreciation, corporate fundraising events, holiday parties and celebrations – time is quickly running out. Major events, such as these, require […]